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Decorating for Fall on a Budget

October 26, 2023

Decorating for Fall on a Budget

Depending on where you live in the great state of Texas will determine how seasonally crisp the air is in the morning. But for many of us, there’s a distinct feeling that summer may be behind us! With cooler nights and shorter days, it’s time to start decorating for fall! Whether this is your first fall season in your new Ameritex home, or you want to freshen up your current décor, these are a few of our favorite budget-friendly fall decorating tips. 

Use your current color palette and decor. Do your living areas lean toward warm blues or cool grays? Choose seasonal décor that compliments or even matches the current look. White faux pumpkins go with every décor style, so don’t be afraid to add a few in. Decorative vases can be spruced up with some wheat stalks or a seasonal flower. 

Choose a focal point. Focus on one or two areas to showcase your fall décor. A porch display is a great way to condense your decorating and provide a festive look that your neighbors can enjoy as well.

Buy Faux Décor. Purchase décor that can be used again every year. Not only are you saving money, but you’ll also be keeping discarded items out of the landfill. Faux pumpkins, floral arrangements, and signs all pack away nicely so you can reuse them season after season. 

Set a spending limit and track your expenses. It’s easy to get carried away when buying things you enjoy! Budget for seasonal décor, remembering that you can always add more to your collection next year, and the year after. 

Have fun with homemade décor. Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids (although your children or grandchildren are welcome to help). Choose a project or two and see where your creativity takes you! 

Bring the outside in. Incorporating natural elements, including colorful leaves, pinecones, branches, and fallen sticks is budget-friendly and family-friendly. Collect items during walks or from your backyard. Mums are typically inexpensive and can be placed indoors or out. 

Unpack the blankets. Fall brings cooler weather and that means we finally get to use our blankets. Even if you don’t need to use the blankets yet, cozy throw blankets placed over furniture in the living area create a warm, fall-like atmosphere. 

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